Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gryphon Class Runabout Completed

She's finally done! The Gryphon Runabout is complete.

Added specifications to the attached image. She turned out bigger than I expected. Was hoping to keep her under 30m, but oh well, 40.5 m is just as well. We'll have to expand the Legacy Class Bay by 2m to fit this baby in :)

Next Project: Orcus Class Fighter redesign.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

FFX-32MR "Orcus" Specs

To go along with the runabout here are the fighters specs and info.


In Roman mythology, Orcus was a god of the underworld.

Model Number: FFX-32MR
Code Name: Orcus
Unit Type: Multi-role fighter spacecraft
Manufacturer: AKG Engine Systems
Operator: United Federation of Planets/Starfleet
Accomodation: Pilot and Co-pilot
Powerplant Type: FNX-815-D-16 Compact Enhanced Matter/Anti-Matter Reaction System. IDX-108-HP Mk II Compact Mass Drive System x 2.
Speed: Cruise: Warp 7.5; Maximum Speed: Warp 9 (Controlled M/AM Overload)
Armament: Mk VIII Compact Pulse Cannons x 2; Type-VII Phaser Array; Mk V Mini-Torpedo Launcher x 2; Hardpoint x 6


Type V Regenerative Shield System: This system quickly analyzes an attacking weapon's frequency and then modulates shield freqency to increase damage mitigation without depleting shield energy.

Mercury System: This system utilises the collective energies of 3 or more fighters shield systems creating a larger, stronger shield bubble.

A-L.S: The Anti-Lock system is a sensor jamming suite that masks the fighters systems from targeting sensors of other vessels.

Cerebus A.I. System: The Cerebus is an Artificial Intelligence utilising three seperate cores working together. Cerebus monitors the pilots and ship systems, it can take over control of the vessel if nessesary.

E.C.S: Enclosed Cockpit System, a fully enclosed cockpit for both pilot and co-pilot incorperating a holographic, almost 360 degree viewscreen. The cockpit area also serves as an escape pod. There are no windows on the fighter. (Prototype Model FFX-00 uses the usual canopy configuration)

The Pilgrim

This is a ship design I have been working on for an animation, its still in the design stages but I have worked out a few specs and features for it:

Diomed Systems Scout Craft

-6 Person Crew
-1x Minas Class FTL spin drive
-2x Ion Fusion (I.F) Drives
-Long range directional sensor/comm array
-landing capability
-ARTGRAV anti gravity system
-ECM arrays

2x Gemini ion beam arrays
8x Point defense turrets
1x Anti ship torpedo tube
2x heavy cannons

Originally this ship was built during the 50year war as a scout vessel. The captain of the pilgrim purchased the ship from a junk outpost on the rim 2 years ago. The ships of this type where built during the last 10 years of the war so the pilgrim is already over 20 years old.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gryphon Runabout

Hello All! Happy Belated 2007! Looks like GKD is gonna make a come back, slow but steady come back! The first in a series of our "redesigns", the old Arrow Class Runabout is getting a facelift.

Behold the new Gryphon Class Runabout. Still a WIP, more to come!